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Bakersfield Speedway Results 26 March 22


Alex Martin was once more the star of the show as the rising 17-year-old star claimed his second Main in event in a row with victory at Kern County Raceway, Bakersfield on March 26th.

The event featured round 1 of the 2022 Team Series, this year being run as a three-team tournament with the Reno ‘Team SOS’ Wolves taking the overall victory on the night.

Martin was simply faultless for the entire event and was the class of the field.

The team event, which also had the defending champion Bakersfield Bandits and Perris Pirates competing, featured 8-man teams, Positions 1-4 were occupied by Division 1 riders, spots 5-8 by Division 2 and 3 riders. Riders raced within their own division only.

At the end of the team event, the top four Division 1 riders in points went to a Main event, points also adding to their team totals. Teammates for the Pirates Rees Todd and Slater Lightcap had to run off for the last place in the final with an unbreakable tie. Lightcap gated ahead but a back straight wobble on lap 1 had Todd blazed by take a lead he would not give up.

The Main event saw Martin with another fabulous start with Russell Green slotting into second. For third it was a battle of the brothers, with Rheten Todd initially getting the better of his brother, but Rees rode an inside line and as the riders came around turn 2 on lap three, Rheten got too wide and ended up sliding out. Martin came home ahead of Green and Rees Todd at the flag.

The team event ended with the Reno Wolves on 50, Pirates on 45 and Bandits on 37.

Justin Almon, racing for the Bandits was the top Division 2 rider on 10+1, with Wolves solid pack of Aiden McNutt (9), Lawrence McNutt (7+1) and Sammy Tetrault (6+2) proving to be match winners. Tony Rutledge of the Pirates was the top Division 3 rider with 6.

Outside of the 22 team heats, there was a small supporting cast of other Divisions. Jose Navarrete to a clean sweep in 250 Junior Speedway. Robert & Lori Curry won all Sidecar races. Wade Boyd took a vintage speedway heat and main with Jim Sanders taking the other heat.

Speedway is back in three weeks on April 16th with the first Harley Night of the season.

Main Event
30 Alex Martin
321 Russell Green
173 Rees Todd
399 Rheten Todd fell

Team scores
Team SOS Wolves 50. 1 Russell Green 12, 2 Greg Moore 2+1, 3 Michael Wells 4+1, 4 Charles Ermolenko 8, 5 Lawrence McNutt 7+1, 6 Sammy Tetrault 6+2, 7 Aiden McNutt 9, 8 Bobby Richards 2.

Perris Pirates 45 1. Alex Martin 15, 2 Jamison Dilkey 1, 3 Slater Lightcap 8+2, 4 Rees Todd 8+2, 5 Robert Curry 2, 6 Kenny Hansen 2, 7 Dan Eddy 2+2, 8 Tony Rutledge 6

Bakersfield Bandits 37 1 Rheten Todd 9+1, 2 Brad Sauer 4+1, 3 Randy DiFrancesco 0, 4 Robbie Sauer 5, 5 Justin Almon 10+1, 6 Isaiah Canales 3+1, 7 Mark Hitchcock 3+1, 8 Jim Sanders 3

250 Junior Speedway
48 Jose Navarrete
226 Levi Leutz
123 Catherine Moore

Vintage Speedway
88 Wade Boyd
108 Bobby Richards
138 Jim Sanders nonstarter

Sidecar Main
31 Robert / Lori Curry
88 Wade Boyd / Eric Lindauer
28 Lawrence McNutt / Dana Miller