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One week after a perfect night to win the American Final, Luke Becker wrapped up 2022 with a second successive five 5 maximum in the ‘Moto Festivel’ at Kern County Raceway Bakersfield on December 17th.

The first part of the meeting featured team racing with the Bakersfield Bandits taking on the Team SOS Wolves. Becker started off with a win and a 4-2 for the Wolves with Max Ruml in second for the Bandits and Wilbur Hancock in third. Dillon Ruml (Bandits) had a great fight with Wolf Louie Mersaroli to win heat 2 with Alex Martin, also Wolves, in third. Nick Hohlbein, riding his 250cc bike in the Division 2 portion of the program made a superb pass between to opponents to win heat 3 for the Wolves with Bandits Rudy Laurer and Isaiah Canales taking second and third. After 3 heats it was Bandits 8, Wolves 10.

Becker teamed up with teammate Greg Moore to get a heat 4 5-1 over Bakersfield based brothers Brad and Robbie Sauer. The Ruml brothers hit back immediately with a 5-1 for the Bandits with the fast-chasing Mersaroli falling in pursuit. Alex Martin in heat 6 took the Wolves 6 ahead with a win over Charlie Trana (Bandits) and Moore.
Max Ruml won heat 7 over Hancock. Heat 8 was once again Hohlbein over Laurer with Kevin Fiore picking up third for Wolves. Becker and Martin teamed up for a Wolves 5-1 in heat 9, taking their team lead to 31-23.

Mersaroli won heat 10 for the Wolves from Brad Sauer and Moore. Becker won a battle of the giants over Max and Dillon Ruml with Martin 4th in heat 11. Charlie Trana led home Moore and Hancock in heat 12, with final team score being 41-31 in the Wolves favor.

Becker and the Ruml brothers made immediate transfer to the Main event with one spot open in the Last Chance race. Alex Martin led home Trana, with Hancock third and Moore, who initially gated in second place, 4th.

Becker chose gate 1 and made a super start in the Main Event. Max Ruml gave chase but within a couple of laps, the lead was safe. Martin got third place over Dillon Ruml.

Elsewhere in the program, Catherine Moore took a clean sweep in Division 3. In the 150 Mini class Brandon Soto won the Main after Kayd Fiore took both heats. Isaiah Canales took heat and main in the Vintage Class, after Dan Waller won the first heat. National Champion Robert Curry with Zekeperedez won the Sidecar Main after Wade Boyd & Eric Lindauer won both heats.

The Speedway event ran in the afternoon of a double header with Flat Track following. The Speedway event of 27 heats was completed in 95 minutes. The track was very popular with the riders, Dillon Ruml commenting on social media soon after, “Probably the best track I’ve ever ridden on in the States tonight.”
Though the race wraps up 2022, 2023 racing starts on January 14th with the 6th staging of the AMA National Pairs Championship.


Team Racing:
Team SOS Wolves 41: Luke Becker 12, Alex Martin 6+1, Greg Moore 6+1, Nick Hohlbein 6, Wilbur Hancock 5+1, Louie Mersaroli 5, Kevin Fiore 1
Bakersfield Bandits 31: Max Ruml 9+1, Dillon Ruml 8+1, Charlie Trana 5, Brad Sauer 4, Rudy Laurer4, Isaiah Canales 1+1, Robbie Sauer 0.

Division 1 Main
22 Luke Becker
5 Max Ruml
30 Alex Martin
3 Dillon Ruml

Division 1 Last Chance
30 Alex Martin
166 Charlie Trana
117 Wilbur Hancock
251 Greg Moore

Division 2 Main
29 Nick Hohlbein
182 Rudy Laurer
159 Kevin Fiore
106 Isaiah Canales

Division 3 Main
123 Catherine Moore
115c Dylan McNulty

150 Mini Main
5 Brandon Soto
169k Kayd Fiore

Vintage Main
106 Isaiah Canales
240 Dan Waller
163 Ron Davis
13 Roy Miller

Sidecar Main
1 Robert Curry / Zeke Perezdiez
357 Ace Kale / Mickel Lehr
88 Wade Boyd / Eric Lindauer
07 Kevin Kale / Mike North did not start