- June 18th


Team USA star Luke Becker showed his liking for Kern County Raceway by winning his third meeting at the track in a row to take the ‘King of Kern’ on Saturday 22nd January 2022. In the three events he has competed in at the new California speedway venue, Becker has not been beaten in 15 races in the main part of the program (only Max Ruml had defeated him in the Last Man Out Challenge at the December race).

Both Becker and Broc Nicol completed the heats unbeaten on 9 points. Max Ruml, with a round 2 second place to Nicol, was close behind on 8. The beat clash between Nicol and Max Ruml was an epic, Ruml making a superb last turn outside to inside sweep but just coming short in a photo finish. Wilbur Hancock followed up on 6 points his round 2 heat win giving him the edge in semi final choice over Michael Wells and Alex Martin, who also scored 6 with clean sweeps of second places. Martin was the closest to defeating Becker with a super start in his third ride, making Luke work the outside hard to get by. Dillon Ruml was all the way back on 5 points by virtue of bike failure in his second ride. The last transfer spot to the semis went to Anthony Dion with four points.
Semi final one saw Becker once more lead from the front with Wilbur Hancock getting a good start too and comfortably edging ahead of Wells with Dion at the back. Positions stayed the same with Becker and Hancock qualifying for the Main.

Semifinal two, in part by virtue of Dillon Ruml’s bike failure putting him down the order, was quite a stacked affair. Max Ruml charged ahead leaving Nicol and Dillon Ruml in a close inside / outside dual for the vital second placed spot. Eventually Nicol on the inside, got the advantage and with gate choice order for the gate in mind, he went after Max Ruml, switching to a deep outside riding line. Though he got close going into the corners at one point Max Ruml had the main racing line and comfortably got the win. Dillon Ruml was third with Martin 4th.
Rees Todd was the winner of the C Main over Greg Moore for the non-qualified riders.
Michael Wells was the early leader of the B Main after a fantastic start and made new Oxford Cheetah’s signing Dillon Ruml work the outside to the max before eventually being passed. Alex Martin came third with Dion falling and remounting at the back.

Becker leapt out of the traps first from gate 1 in the Main and did not look back. Max Ruml quickly slotted into second with Nicol third and Hancock in fourth. Whilst Becker and Ruml were now riding out in the dirt line, Nicol tried the inside line but couldn’t really make a big enough impression to challenge. The positions remained the same to the end, with #22 Becker the winner. The date…1/22/22!

Justin Almon in his first race meeting on a 500cc speedway bike (moving up from 250 Juniors) took a very impressive win with 1st place in heat 1 and the main, including a last lap pass in the final. Veteran Robert Curry, who was leading the Main, came second. Local rider Isaiah Canales had another clean sweep in Division 3, twice coming from the back for the win. David Rust took a heat and the Main in the Vintage class, with Malcolm Roe the heat 1 winner.
In the kids’ classes, Nick Hohlbein won all his rides to take the 250cc Junior Class in his first race back following injury in October racing Motocross. Levi Leutz took the other heat win with Jose Navarretevictorious in the Last Chance race. Kensei Matsudaira from a 70 yard handicap was the winner of the 150cc Mini Speedway class. Jackson Joiner took a clean sweep in the Rod Lake 50cc class.

The team of Ace Kale and Thomas Yergler were on good form taking both Sidecar heats. However, the veteran duo of Robert and Lori saved their best till last with the Main Event win.

The race was held early at 2pm with Flat Track racing to follow in a double feature of motorcycle racing. To celebrate it’s first anniversary of racing, the track will be staging the 2022 AMA Best Pairs National Championship on Saturday 19th February with a 5pm start time. It will be the first National Title up for grabs in the 2022 season.


Division 1:
A Main
22 Luke Becker
1 Max Ruml
98 Broc Nicol
117 Wilbur Hancock

B Main
3 Dillon Ruml
214 Michel Wells
30 Alex Martin
16 Anthony Dion fell remounted

C Main
173 Rees Todd
251 Greg Moore
No other starters

Semi 1: Becker, Hancock, Wells, Dion
Semi 2: M Ruml, Nicol, D Ruml, Martin

Points: Becker 9, Nicol 9, M Ruml 8, Hancock 6, Martin 6, Wells 6, D Ruml 5, Dion 4, Jonathon Oakden 2, Rees Todd 2, Mark Fillebrown 1, Greg Moore 1, Fred Cook 0.

Division 2 Main
137 Justin Almon
3 Dillon Ruml
275 Lawrence McNutt
106 Isaiah Canales

Division 3 Main
106 Isaiah Canales
175 Jake Myers
113 Tony Rutledge
206 Paul Baldwin

Vintage Speedway
343 Dave Rust
180 Malcolm Roe
138 Jim Sanders
88 Wade Boyd

250 Junior Main
29 Nick Holhbein
226 Levi Leutz
48 Jose Navarrete
28 Kage Tadman

250 Last Chance
48 Jose Navarrete
28 Kage Tadman
123 Catherin Moore
203 Darren Armbruster (non starter_

150 Mini Main
74 Kensei Matsudaira (70)
22 Ryder Schultz (20)
175 Morgan Myers (0)

Sidecar Main
31 Robert Curry / Lori Curry
357 Ace Kale / Thomas Yergler
88 Wade Boyd / Eric Lindauer

Rod Lake Kids 50cc Main
26 Jackson Joiner
109 Axle Absher
314 Benjamin Benson
819 Charlie Absher
69 Rey Resendez
175 Maddux Myers
4 Bryleigh Hill
717 Joanna Benson