- June 18th


Perris Raceway, Saturday 26th February.

It was a speedway event with a difference at Perris Raceway for the Winter Olympique. A schedule conflict with an out of State event meant that the speedway rider count took a hit. However, with around half a dozen regulars away in Tennessee, track promoters forged ahead with their long-scheduled event in a creative manner.

It was essentially a Quadruple header race featuring Speedway, a big entry of 11 Sidecars, and a unique and well supported Team Challenge for both the Flat Track and Hooligan divisions.

In Speedway, it was 17-year-old Alex Martin who took the opportunity to win his first Main Event of his young adult career. Martin has been putting in some impressive displays but its far to say he has reached another level. After dropping a point to veteran Randy DiFrancesco in is opening ride, Martin scorched through the rest of the night inbeaten. Martin has 8 points after his heats, with DiFrancesco also an automatic qualifier for the Final.

The next four in line made the Last Chance Qualifier, which was won by Russell Green ahead of Michael Wells. Wells was initially caught by surprise by the improved but deeper new track surface but got into the groove as the night wore on. Wilbur Hancock was unlucky to miss out of the final after a superb first heat win over Green and some solid rides all night. Lawrence McNutt also was eliminated at this stage.

Martin boldly chose Gate 4 for the Main but made an absolutely flyer of a gate. He was ahead as the riders hit turn 1 and did not look back. Green settled into second place with Wells continuing his rise and good evening by keeping DiFrancesco at the back. Martin’s win was hugely popular, and it is no doubt the first of many.

A huge turn out of Sidecars raced in the Inaugural US Masters Championship. Joe Jones and Tom Summers, who have more Sidecar titles than likely all other riders combined, qualified for the Final with a 9-point heat maximum. It was the team of Robert and Lori Curry who made the best start, but the Jones / Summers team unleashed the power and drive as they entered the back straight, launching by and blasting into the lead. 2020 National Champions Dillon Osborne and Jamie Morabito entered into an epic battle with the Curry’s for second. After two close laps Osborne and Morabito executed a fantastic outside pass to get the silver medal place.

Rudy Laurer continued his Division 2 domination with two heat wins and Main Event victory. Brad Moreau and Lawrence McNutt were also heat winners, whilst Isaiah Canales took the Consolation. Canales overcame a 20-yard handicap to win a heat and the Division Three Main, 69-year-old Tom Bryant took the other heat. Juniors were combined with 250 and 150 bikes due to low entries but were scored separately. Kage Tadman won the 250cc class, Ryder Schultz was the 150 winner.

A total of 13 riders entered the Rod Lake Kids 50cc class. Rod Lake, an iconic figure on the US Speedway and Flat Track scene, sponsors the entries for all kids aged 8 and under. The Division 1 Final was won by Jedediah Schade with Division 2 going to four year old Rey Resendez.

The popular Flat Track and Hooligan Divisions featured a unique team racing format. Each team consisted of three riders, and they raced in two qualifying heats, against another team. The top two teams in each Division went to a grand final. Points scored 5,4,3,2,1,0 in each race.

The Flat Track Division saw Thurman-Eastwood Racing (Justin Thurman, Zack Earwood, and Kyle Ferris) with a commanding 11-4 win over the Circle Jerks. The Hooligan Class was won by Bob’s Big Boys (Robert Bush, David Bush, and Brad Spencer) prevailing over Hater’s Gonna Hate 9-6

Though many regulars were missing, both with the Tennessee race and European based rides traveling overseas for their big-league seasons, the event was very entertaining albeit on very cold evening by spoilt California weather standards. The Perris season resumes on March 19tth with round 1 of the 2022 Team racing league season.


Division 1 Main Event
30 Alex Martin
321 Russell Green
214 Michael Wells
12 Randy Di Francesco

Last Chance
321 Russell Green
214 Michael Wells
117 Wilbur Hancock
275 Lawrence McNutt

Heat Points: Martin 8, Di Francesco 7, Green 7, Hancock 6, Wells 5, McNutt 2, Joey Donaldson 1, Sammy Tetrault 0

Sidecar US Masters Main

1 Joe Jones / Tom Summers
64 Dillon Osborne / Jamie Morabito
31 Robert / Lori Curry
74 James Kinne / Sammy Tetrault

Last Chance

64 Dillon Osborne / Jamie Morabito
07 Kevin Kale / Tracey Gallagher
88 Wade Boyd / Eric Lindauer
357 Ace Kale / Thomas Yergler

Heat Points: Jones / Summers 12, Curry / Curry 11, Kinne / Tetrault 9, Osborne / Morabito 8, K Kale / Gallagher 8, A kale / Yergler 8, Boyd / Lindauer 7, Lawrence McNutt / Dana Miller 6, Kenny Greco / Mike North 6, Kevin Holman / Demetri Class 3, Jason Fritze / ? 0

Division Two Main
182 Rudy Laurer
275 Lawrence McNutt
242 Sammy Tetrault
153 Brad Moreau (fell, non-starter in rerun)

106 Isaiah Canales
220 Tom Bryant
111 David Newsham (non-starter)
103 Brent Smith (non-starter)

Division Three Main
106 Isaiah Canales (20)
220 Ton Bryant
395 Nelson Soto (retired)
303 Dennis Osmer (non-starter)

250 Junior Main
28 Kage Tadman

150 Mini Speedway Main
22 Ryder Schultz
5 Brandon Soto

Rod Lake Kids 50cc Division 1
216 Jedediah Schlade
15 Hudson Jones
28 Thomas Chavira

Rod Lake Kids 50cc Division 2
69 Rey Resendez
14 Hudson Lopeman
582 Maxwell Celac
3x Owen Ferris
950 Ezekiel Schlade

Hooligan Teams Main
Bob’s Big Boys 9 (David Bush 5, Brad Spencer 3, Robert Bush 1)
Hater’s Gonna Hate 6 (Paul Hartman 4, Adam Lesley 2, Jordan Graham 0)

Heat Points
Bob’s Big Boys 24 (D Bush 10, R Bush 7, Spencer 7)
Hater’s Gonna Hate 24 (Hartman 9, Lesley 8, Graham 7)
Playa Haters 19 (Jason Klements 10, Josh Sleigh 6, Brandon Gonzalez 3)
Team WFO 11 (Jim Ottele 5, Pedro Brown 5, Joe Winston 1)
Good Times Racing 6 (Alex Darrah 4, Josh Lopeman 2, Doug Darrah 0)
Wild Cards 6 (Ethan White 4, Jake Pope 1, Nick Small 1)

Flat Track Teams Main
Thurman Eastwood Racing 11 (Zack Earwood 5, Kyle Ferris 4, Justin Thurman 2)
Circle Jerks 4 (James Morris 3, Shawn Doucet 1, Johnny Custom 0)

Heat Points
Thurman Eastwood Racing 20 (Earwood 10, Ferris 7, Thurman 3)
Circle Jerks 17 (Morris 9, Custom 5, Doucet 3)
Winston’s Warriors 16 (Travis Petton IV 10, Joe Winston 5, Pedro Brown 1)
Moore & Moore Racing 16 (Joe Steffen 8, Kage Tadman 7, Don Moore 1).
Narcolepsy 16 (Colt Foster 9, Elliot Iverson 6, Max Claunch 1)
Team Hammertime 15 (Matt Stoutenberg 6, Mike Resendez 5, Bob Tocco 4)
Freedom Riders 14 (Michael Diffenbaugh 9, Jim Ottele 5, Jeff Apple 0)
Ride Like the Winded 12 (Colin Petton 7, Nick Garcia 4, Jaycee Jones 1)
Beginner’s Luck 9 (Josh Sleigh 3, Adam Lesley 3, Josh Lesley 3).