- June 18th


Glasgow Tigers and Pila star rider Broc Nicol put on an unbeaten performance to win the first American Speedway event of 2022 at Perris, CA, on 15th January.

It was a smaller than usual rider turnout but that created an opportunity for the top riders to meet each other more often during the evening. Nicol completed the heats with a 12 point maximum, a score which qualified him straight for the final. He was joined by Max Ruml, with a 11 point haul, his 4th round defeat by Nicol was his only blemish. The next four riders qualified for the Last Chance race. Dillon Ruml was the leader of that pack, with 9 points, a very good score especially when a round 2 tapes penalty was factored in. The young guns of Rheten Todd, Michael Wells and Wilbur Hancock all had 6 points, to also make the cut. Incredibly, Luke Becker did not qualify. After an opening win, his bike suddenly slowed while winning his second heat. Whilst Becker picked up a third in that race, bike issues for the rest of the evening saw him miss his third ride on the 2 minutes rule and then promptly grind to halt after the start of his fourth race.

The Last Chance qualifier saw Dillon Ruml head Rheten Todd home. 22 year old Todd has only been racing speedway for two (pandemic shortened) seasons and is certainly a rising star of the scene. Michael Wells was third with Wilbur Hancock retiring early with mechanical issues.

Nicol chose the outside gate in the Main event and got a rocket of launch to propel to a clear lead as riders exited turn 2. He was comfortable from thereon, but behind him the Ruml brothers gave the fans a racing treat with back and forth passing for second place. In the end, the inside line had a little more grip and it was Dillon who came out on top over Max with Perris Main event debutante Todd in fourth.

Nicol’s victory was likely his final outing at the Riverside County track ahead of the long European season ahead. After the event he commented, “That’s the best I’ve felt on the bike in a long time. It’s great to win at home but it’s also vital preparation for the season ahead.”

Division two carved up some great racing, with Rudy Laurer and the rising Tyler Moszer each splitting victory in the heats, takin two wins each. The vastly experienced Laurer however took the Main event win for a perfect night. David Newsham won the B Main. Isaiah Canales was unbeaten in Division 3, taking both heats and the Main. Levi Leutz won all 250cc Junior events, with Kensei Matsudaira also getting a sweep in the 150cc mini speedway class. Jackson Joiner won the kids 50cc class, Maddux Myers won Division 2. Colt Foster won both Hooligans and Flat Track, with Elliot Iverson being the winner in the TT class.

Perris will be back on 26th February for the ‘Winter Olympique.’ The event will include a Sidecar Championship, Handicap Speedway racing and a team challenge for Flat Track and Hooligan classes.

Division 1 Main Event
98 Broc Nicol
3 Dillon Ruml
1 Max Ruml
399 Rheten Todd

Last Chance
3 Dillon Ruml
399 Rheten Todd
214 Michael Wells
117 Wilbur Hancock (ret)

Heat Points: Nicol 12, M Ruml 11, D Ruml 9, Rh Todd 6, Wells 6, Hancock 6, Luke Becker 4, Rees Todd 4, Fred Cook 2, Mike Miller 0.

Division 2 Main
182 Rudy Lauer
327 Tyler Moszer
153 Brad Moreau
103 Brent Smith

Division 2 B Main
111 David Newsham
106 Isaiah Canales
220 Tom Bryant
71 Mike Miller non starter

Division 3 Main
106 Isaiah Canales
220 Tom Bryant
395 Nelson Soto
175 Jake Myers (nonstarter)

250 Junior Main
226 Levi Leutz
203 Darren Armbruster (nonstarter)

150 Mini Main
74 Kensei Matsudaira (70)
5 Brandon Soto (0)
22 Ryder Schultz (10) fell
175 Morgan Myers (0) non starter

50cc Kids
6 Jackson Joiner
175 Maddux Myers (Division 2)
45 Karl Hancock (Division 2)
69 Rey Resendez (Division 2)
28 Thomas Chavira fell

Mini Bike TT
54 Elliot Iverson
74 Kensei Matsudaira
313 Marc Heathfield
713 Jasper Heathfield

84 Colt Foster
23 Nick Garcia
54 Elliot Iverson
74 Kensei Matsudaira
45 Michael Diffenbaugh

Flat Track
84 Colt Foster
23 Nick Garcia
54 Elliot Iverson
45 Michael Diffenbaugh
74 Kensei Matsudaira
195 James Morris
66 Robbie Crean
34 Steve Fortune
83 Paul Calybaugh